HUBEI TRUSTAN APICULTURE CO.,LTD,located in the bordering areas between JiangHan plain and QinLing-DaBaShan mountain of central china,which have a moderate climate and flourish plants,it is the main production areas of chinese honey. We have a long beekeeping history and advanced beekeeping technology,nectariferous plant is rich whenever spring,summer or autumn. We have milk-vetch, rapeseed,orange,vitex,sesame,and polyfloral honey. Nectar source is very abundant and uninterrupted from March to September every year,it is the leading areas of honey and royal jelly . ...More
                                Acacia Honey
                                Date Honey
                                Vitex Honey
                                Fennel Honey
                                Citrus Honey
                                Royal Jelly Freeze-Dried Tablet
                                Royal Jelly Freeze-Dried Tablet
                                Honey Packed In Drum For Exporting
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